Tape Transfers with the Bandit Tapegun

Tape Transfers with the Bandit Tapegun

Made with my Bandit

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We thought we’d share one of our favourite ways to decorate with tape – tape transfers! Ever heard of the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Why not tell your story by turning your favorite pictures and quotes into your own work of art?

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

• Your Bandit Tapegun
• Your favourite quote, memory or photo in image form (printed from any photocopy, magazine or laser printer—note that the glossier the paper the better).
• Scissors
• Bowl of water
• Something to stick it to!
• Last but not least, some creativity and imagination…

Find an image from a magazine that you want to use to transfer:

Step 1 Tape Transfers Bandit

Cut out the piece you want to work with and tape over it with your Bandit tape gun. Press the sticky side of the tape onto the side you want to keep (i.e. the side you want to “lift”). Simply squeeze the sides and turn your Bandit to trim your strip of tape with precision:

Bandit Tape Transfers Step 2

Next, use the back handle of your scissors to rub over the tape to make sure it’s completely adhered to your whole image. Dip the tape and image in your bowl of water to get the back wet, or dab it with a wet paper towel to avoid tearing the paper.

Bandit Tape Transfers Step 3

Step 4

Remove the excess by using your fingers to rub off the wet paper. Carefully peel away the paper from the tape. The image should have transferred onto the tape, but your Bandit is so sticky that once dried it will retain its adhesive qualities and stick to something else:

Bandit Tape Transfers Step 5

Place your transfers on scrapbooks, a canvas, or even create your own mail art to share your creative masterpiece with others!

Bandit Tape Transfers Step 8

For top notch stickiness, pat dry your transfer with a terrycloth or dishcloth:

Bandit Tape Transfers Step 7

Don’t forget to enter your creation for our April contest and happy decorating!