Three Terrific Tape Ideas

Three Terrific Tape Ideas

From inspiring designs to unconventional solutions, these three tape ideas are sure to get your creative juices (and your Bandit tape gun) rolling…

1. For Nick-Nacks

Tape Ideas

Seal nuts and bolts inside packing tape to keep them from ending up at the back of a dusty drawer. The glossy exterior of the tape can be labelled with permeant market to keep track of where the nicknacks come from.

Idea via Real Simple.

2. Tape transfers

Use packaging tape to transfer images onto virtually any clear and clean surface. For instructions, watch this video.

Tape TransfersImage via Hobbycraft

3. Organizing your Gadgets

Use clear packing tape to adhere images of each gadget to a piece of paper and clip to the outside of a shoe organizer.

organizing your gadgets with packing tap

Image via