Spooky Packing Tape People

Spooky Packing Tape People

#42 - Outsiders2012 - inside the Eaton Centre food court.

With the works of Mark Jenkins cropping up across our cultural imagination, it’s clear that packing tape people are all the rage right now. What better time of year than Halloween to try making your own? All you’ll need is a pair of round tip scissors and your Bandit tape gun.


1. Wrap the part of your body you’d like to sculpt in Bandit packing tape with the sticky side UP. Proceed with 3-4 more layers, this time with the sticky side DOWN. Note: Safety first—this project is not suitable for small children and should not be performed without supervision!

Packing Tape People Project 1

2. Once you’ve wrapped one area of your body, cut away the packing tape like a cast. Be sure to use round-tipped scissors so you don’t cut yourself or your clothes by accident


3. Once the cast is removed, reseal with more packing tape:


Top 3 images via Art Rageous.

Still not sure how it works? Check out the below video:

You can even integrate Christmas lights into your packing tape person to illuminate them, making for a spooky spectacle to be placed by the window or on a front porch for Halloween haunting:

lit up packing tape person