Inspiration from Nuit Blanche Toronto

Inspiration from Nuit Blanche Toronto

Each year, the streets of Toronto, Ontario stay alive for an all-night arts festival known as Nuit Blanche. We love strolling through downtown, inspired by the interesting instillations and exciting exhibitions. The Bandit team was on the scene, and you can imagine our thrill when we ran into this fabulous couple ….

Outsiders 1

Yes, that’s a figurine made entirely out of packing tape! We were told that if we headed to the food court of the Toronto Eaton’s Centre, we’d find more where they came from. And so we did ….

Outsiders 2

Outsiders 2012 was an instillation project put together by  Seeingred, a “fluid collective of artists who live and work outside Toronto.” These life-sized mannequins were the vehicle with which the artists explored feelings of belonging and ‘unbeloning’ in the big city.

Outsiders 3

Although the Outsiders began their evening adventure at the food court of Toronto’s largest shopping centre, one by one they were released into the night, equipped with a  sticker on their chests that read:

I am an Outsider. If you find me, take me with you, take a photo, pass me on.

Outsiders 4

Outsiders 5

Outsiders 6

As the night grew later, more Outsiders could be spotted throughout the crowds. Their adventures were tracked on the microblogging tool Twitter using the hashtag #Outsiders2012:

outsiders home image

Steve Blair

kevin c


city tv

Spot the Outsiders in this music video for July Talk, which was filmed the night of the festivities.

For more information on the Outsiders 2012 project and the artists involved, check out their website here.