Smart and Spooky Halloween Ideas with Packing Tape

Smart and Spooky Halloween Ideas with Packing Tape

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays! Whether you’re decorating your house or decking yourself out in a hilarious or haunting costume, the Bandit tapegun is a great tool to have on hand for all your tricking and treating.

Packing Tape Spectres

Because it’s clear and malleable, packaging tape is the perfect material for getting ‘ghouly’. These ghosts were made by wrapping packing tape around itself until it forms the shape desired:

packing tape ghost

Image via Pinterest

packing tape spectre


Skeletons in the Closet

This skeleton was made with 20-30 twisted shopping bags, wire coat hangers, and clear packing tape. Full instructions available here.

packing tape skeleton

Image via CurousTangles

Ring around the rosary?

You’d better pray these lawn ghosts don’t get you! Make your own pseudo séance from cheap plastic drop cloths, leftover newspaper, rebar, outdoor Christmas lights, and packing tape. Full tutorial available here.

packing tape ring aroundImage via the Pink Pixie Forest

Spooky Packaging Tape Transfers

These awesome tape transfers were made by our friends over at How About Orange. All you need is a laser printer and your Bandit tape gun to transform glasses or candle holders into custom-designed decor for your Halloween party. Full tutorial here.

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