5 Inventions that Changed History

5 Inventions that Changed History

Whether they’re simple or intricate, inventions such as these have changed the way we live and work.

1. The Elevator

Although evidence of elevator concepts appear as early as the 15th century, the first one didn’t appear until much later (1850s) in New York. Elisha Otis is credited with introducing the safety elevator, which prevents falling in case the cables snap. The elevator transformed the way buildings could be constructed, since prior to this technology, the top floors of buildings had to be accessible via stairs. With the introduction of this upwardly mobile technology, the sky was literally the limit.


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2. The Light Bulb

Thomas Edison is most widely credited with inventing the lightbulb, but many sources point to other inventors along the way. The lightbulb, which allows a small electronic current to pass through it via a filament wire, allowed for non-gas lighting in turn-of-the-century homes. Work days grew longer, since people’s schedules were no longer guided by the sun, and as a result many were able to improve their quality of life.


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3. The Match

Fire has long been regarded as the element of the gods. For centuries, what has separated man from other mammals is our ability to create and use fire to further our survival. Made of simply a skinny wooden stick with ignitable material at the end, the matchstick literally made it possible to spark a fire anywhere.


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4. The Plow

No one knows who invented the plow or how it came to be, but its impact on farming and rural development is undeniable. Before the plow, humans were hunters and gatherers, but the plow, made simply of a few blades in a fixed frame, allowed us to cultivate a surplus of food that could be bought and sold.


5. The Bandit Tapegun

Before the Bandit tape gun, sealing boxes had to be done with a heavy metal tape gun that was bulky, noisy, and cumbersome. The Bandit allowed for noiseless, one-handed sealing, which simplified mailing, shipping and moving for generations to come!

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