Valentine’s Day Craft with Bandit

Valentine’s Day Craft with Bandit

DIY Valentine's Craft with Bandit

This Valentine’s Day, use your Bandit tape gun to get cute and crafty. Our tape works perfectly for this easy and affordable acrylic on canvas creation.

For this craft, you will need: a blank canvas, sponge brushes, at least two different colours of paint, and—of course—your Bandit tape gun.

Tools for Valentine's CraftStart with one colour of paint. Using the the sponge brush, cover the entire canvas. Allow to dry. Next, use your Bandit tape gun to shape letters of any word you’d like to spell. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we went with L-O-V-E ♡. Once the letters are fixed, paint over entire canvas with second colour. Allow time to dry…

Love Step 2

Once the second layer of paint is dry, peel off the Bandit letters to reveal your first colour.

LOVE finishedHappy Valentine’s Day, everyone! xoxoxo