Spring Clean your Closet with Bandit

Spring Clean your Closet with Bandit


Spring means out with the old and in with the new, but before you can ring in your warm weather wardrobe, you’ll need to reign in your unruly closet. The Bandit tape gun is here to help! Here’s our easy, three-step approach to cleaning out your closet for spring.

Step 1: Sort

Remove everything from your closet. Considering each article of clothing at a time, sort items into one of three piles: keep, store, and purge.

  • Keep —articles of clothing you wear all the time and will continue to wear into the warmer weather
  • Store — items you’re not getting rid of but are too heavy to wear in the spring, i.e. wools, mittens
  • Purge — clothing you’re not wearing. Be honest with yourself and use the two-year rule: if you haven’t worn it in two years, chances are you’re not going to, so get rid of it


Step 2: Organize

Once you’ve given your closet a good dust and wipe, put back items that you’ve decided to keep. Prepare the items you’ve decided to purge for charity delivery or pickup. We recommend sealing them in a box so they’re ready to go.

Bandit GIF

Find a storage solution for items you’ve decided to store. Use your Bandit tape gun to reinforce labels:

Winter Clothes

Packing us your clothes for Spring!

Step 3: Rejoice! Or go shopping. With all that extra room in your closet … (you’re welcome!)

Spring Time with Bandit