Simple Shipping Tips for Online Merchants

Simple Shipping Tips for Online Merchants

Any business that sells physical products online has a requirement for shipping. Special consideration into how your valuable goods will be packed and cared for during this process is critical.


Here are few packaging and shipping tips to ensure your product arrives safely and in good condition to your customers:

#1. Box your item(s) correctly

Make sure your item is packed securely. Use a sturdy box that’s the right size. Ensure you have enough room in the box to add packaging material. Select a box that’s just slightly larger than your item to avoid waste and keep the contents secure.

Do not reuse a weak box. Keep in mind when opting to reuse a box for shipping, test the strength of the box and ensure that the cardboard is not weak.

#2. Package your items carefully

Surround your item with enough packing materials. Packing material can range from bubble wrap (add link to Seal-Itâ„¢ Brand bubble wrap product), raffia, peanuts, foam, or even paper cushioning around the item. After selecting the relevant materials, make sure you use enough to secure your item and avoid any damage during shipment.

#3. Seal your package securely

Use shipping tape to seal your box. Secure all openings with enough tape to bear the weight of the package. Not securing your package with enough shipping tape may cause it to open accidentally during transport. Consider the BandIt Tapegun for easy one-handed application of tape, view the video below:



Do not use weak tape such as stationary tape that is not meant for shipping. Duct tape on the other hand does not stick well to cardboard boxes.

Below are some additional tips:

1. Ship Promptly

Buyers typically are excited to receive their products, so the faster you can ship your items, the happier your buyers will be. Consider offering either same business day or 1 business day handling, and keep your buyer informed throughout the process.

2. Stock up on supplies regularly

Always have shipping supplies on hand. It is important to monitor your shipping supplies. If you run out you could delay your order process which makes for a negative customer experience.

3. Market for repeat business

Include a business card or note to thank your customer for their order. Consider including a coupon, discount code or contest program to encourage brand loyalty and repeat business.

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