Easter fun with Bandit!

Easter fun with Bandit!

Looking for some fun ideas to celebrate Easter? You’ve come to the right place. Bandit makes creating your Easter games, crafts, and egg decorations fun and easy for the whole family. Here are a few ideas to get you started ….

Image source: https://www.lushome.com/natural-dies-eco-friendly-decorating-easter-eggs/41808

Image source: https://www.lushome.com/natural-dies-eco-friendly-decorating-easter-eggs/41808


1. Egg decorating

Prepare your eggs 1 of 2 ways:

1) Hard-boil your eggs – click here for instructions.

2) Remove the white and yolk for hollow eggs. Push a large needle through one end of your egg, making a hole. Push the needle into the yolk to break it. Make a smaller hole in the opposite end of the egg. Blow into the small hole while holding the egg over a bowl. Wash the empty egg by holding the larger hole under the faucet. Let your egg drip dry in the dish drainer or on a wire rack.

Using your Bandit as a stencil, cut out sticky shapes and strips and place them on your eggs to create a fun pattern or design.

With the tape stuck in place, carefully dip the eggs in the dye of your choice – or use craft or acrylic paint to apply your design (painting directly over the tape). Set aside and allow the eggs to dry on a wire rack. Carefully remove the tape shapes and voila – your egg-cellent masterpieces are ready for Easter display!


2. DIY Easter Bowling

You will need:

First print out and color 2 of the Printables from above. Cut out each Easter Bunny printable and tape onto each empty soda bottle.

Set-up the bowling pins on one end of the room and tape a line for each player to stand behind. Everyone has two turns – roll the ball and let the fun begin!

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Editor’s Note: the Bandit tape gun contains a sharp edge for precision cutting. For this reason, we recommend that kids be supervised at all times when crafting with the Bandit.

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Image source: https://www.lushome.com/natural-dies-eco-friendly-decorating-easter-eggs/41808